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Friday, October 14, 2011

New Section of Life

Nothing you cannot achieve, make it a try and you can see the star even it is in the morning.

It has been 2 months since my last update ! I guess i was too busy to update my blog?
I made a decision after my graduation from Diploma, that is to work, rather than to continue my further studies. While working, i will also plan for the others, whether i wanted to continue my studies, or i will just stick with my job, and my life.
Working is totally different with what studies are like, it is more challenging !
I am so glad that i met so many nice and kind people at my work place, and my workplace is neat and tidy, which provide me a really good environment to work with. =)
Beside working, i have other things that i am more interested to do with ! Gonna plan again and i really wish to meet my friends.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The end and the beginning.

After 2 years + of my study life in KDU, I'm finally graduated !
End of college life and it's time for me to plan for the next ~
Gonna spend my time wisely, plan on what to do and meanwhile, relax myself for a while ><
Have to make myself a 'to-do list' !
Beginning of new life, so I decided to cut my hair few weeks ago, and I did it ! =)
Wow, everyone is short hair in my home LOL !
Perhaps the weather is too hot, too HOT ~!~!
Wish it rains now, so I can take a sweet and long nap HAHAHA

I cut it =X

Monday, June 20, 2011

Off to beach !

I went to beach with Chun and his classmates !
They were all so awesome ! Had a really great day there and so glad that I didn't get darker ! HAHAHAHA ~! ^^
I tried Banana Boat for the first time, so great !
But I was so nervous when I fall into the sea, thanks Chun for calming me !!!

Chun and me !

Before heading to the beach ~

On the way ~ Chun was finding the way, and what I had done was to take picture =P

Burying our handsome mermaid =P

I am good at drawing on paper, not sand ! <3

Mine and Him's !

After we took shower ~

Posing ~

We had steamboat as dinner !

The guys ~ It is really hard to imagine how big their stomach is !

The girls ~

Thanks so much to Chun ! <3
And all his friends !
Had a really great day ~

Love love love ~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have been to quite a lot of different places for food recently, wonder if I will lost control and eventually end up with 60kg after few months ! Such a disaster ! @@
No way ! Have to start controlling myself, perhaps I should eat more fruits cuz I have ulcer in my mouth now. OUCH ! Resulting from those delicious but hot foods !

I went Sri Ananda for the first time, and the curry there was awesome !

Ghee rice ~ Tasted good ^^

Curry !

Curry again !

Chloe's Mee Goreng

Yesterday I had a great day with my friends and foods LOL
I took nasi lemak as my breakfast, so do my friends, and we all thinked that it doesnt taste as nice as we expected @@
While for the lunch, we went Harvest Inn, the restaurant which was recommended by Chloe, the environment there was great !

Mushroom soup


Potato Wedges

Main dishes

After the tiring and boring class, we have decided to go Ritz for some cakes !
But it was raining, so we take quite a long time to wait for it to stop, and then we 'run' for the cakes !

I choose 'brownie cheese' as recommended by the girl there, and it actually tasted good ! But I feel like wanna eat Chocolate Indulgence at that time.. HAHA
I tried Yee's and Yean's too !




It's really fun to have teatime with friends, sitting and chatting there which made us forget about the time ! LOL
After we figured out how late it is, we finally decided to go for dinner.
We wanted to go for a western food restaurant nearby here, but it was closed !
AWWW, how disappointed !
We have to choose somewhere else but 3 of us have no idea where to go..
So we went Strait Quay since there has a lot of restaurants, and we decided to go Blue Reef ~
I ordered the famous fish and chip, Yean ordered a grill salmon, and Yee ordered chicken.
We have fun taking photos there and laugh like crazy LOL

Fish and chips ! ( TOO BIG SIZE that I cant finish it..><)

Grilled Salmon


Finally I am done with this post, too many photos and that really makes me getting annoyed ><

Did I take too much for today? YES !
Frankly, I cant take in anything after dinner, we actually plan to go for ice cream..I guess we ran mad.. HAHAHA

Have a great day yeah ! ^^


When I was in form 4, I am kinda addicted to this.
So do my friends, we all crazy for it.
We talked about where to train, how to level up, what weapons we hunted, which boss we killed, and which bastard we have met in the game or our maple bf or gf, everything about it at everytime !
So memorable, sometimes I think, this game made me and my friends closer.
Still remember the nights me and Yasmin slacked in free market and chatting, she is such a good girl, thanks for listening to me when I need her !

And it was fun listening to the guys comparing their characters !
About whose level higher, whose weapon better or which skills are more awesome !
Really funny? HAHA

I feel like wanna play it again, maybe when I have my holidays.
But I played banned story recently, just to create the character I like, and also my hacked account Foreverpiggy, such a painful memory ! ><

Foreverpiggy <3

Wish so much to marry in Maple, like this ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just started my new semester two weeks ago, and I am only taking three subjects for this semester, which means that I will be really free !
At first my classes are on monday, tuesday and thursday. But now it changed !
I have classes on monday and thursday ONLY.
How am I going to spend my empty slot for tuesday and wednesday? Good question !
I am gonna plan for it, can't wasting my time on sleep and eat and sleep and eat ! AWWWW !
Gonna do some shopping, sing some songs, exercising, DIY, cleaning, reading, eat better, sleep better..and also play a game with my sister since I am really free for it !!!
Haha it seems like eat and sleep are still very important for me, cannot be excluded ~ LOL
And I will be more outgoing, staying in aircond room for a long time makes me feel sick !
I wanna go jogging ! hiking ! shopping ! XD
Uploaded some photos, it will be dull if there's only words right?? HAHA

Me and my mei like cup noodles for no reason ! LOL

Thanks Yee for giving me this ! It's sweeeeet !!! Love you !!! ^^

Say hi ~

Friday, February 18, 2011

Recent life !

Sorry to my blog again ! aiya !
I am going to talk about my recent life ^^

I went to do pedicure 1 week before chinese new year, and I choosed red colour, it looked great !
I am in love with it ! ^^

With rose !

I went First Avenue's cinema for movie last week, together with Yee, Yean and Chloe ~
We bought popcorn and it was in really really big size !
But me and Yee was able to finished it ! SOOOOOOOOOO TAMCIAK ! @@

Regular and large ! Well, no doubt the bigger one is me and Yee's =P

I bought a cup together with Yee, our favourite colour, green and blue ! So glad with it ^^

Green versus Blue ~

I felt so free today, so I cooked Tang Yuan ! =]

Yum yum, taste good ! ^^

And I also washed my bear !

Enjoy bathing =D

Just noticed that the things I wrote on today are totally not related at all, but it doesn't matter as well as I remember to update my blog right?? Hahahahax !

Saturday, January 15, 2011


















不是我要说,我们的毕业看真的很美呢 ! 哈哈

还记得form 2 的时候,我们还把老师弄哭了!
老师对我们说,一个老师的教书生涯里,会遇到让她记忆最深的两班,最乖的,和最坏的,我们班就是最坏的!但我相信,老师还是会想我们的! ^^